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Don't get caught up looking at all the different kinds of bed liners. You'll waste hours and ultimately decide on a Spray-In bed liner by TruckBedLiners in Bettendorf, IA. Why? Because we know how valuable they are. They extend the life of your truck bed by resisting dings, scratches, and gouges that lead to rust and deterioration of your most valuable investment, your truck. That's why we focus on spray in truck bed liners. We provide the highest quality Armadillo Bed Liners for your truck. Don't waste your time anywhere else.
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Pickup Bed Liner Davenport IA

Here Are Your Alternatives

Pickup Bed Mat Davenport IA

Truck Bed Mats

This is a Truck Bed Mat. It looks as useful as it is. Most of them simply cover the bottom of your truck bed while leaving the sides and rails exposed to damage, scratches, and yes you guessed it, rust. The pro for the truck mat is, you can remove it. However, if it's in there for protection, we're not entirely sure why you would want to remove it. That said, truck mats can trap dust and water underneath them which can lead to wearing and rusting. There just isn't anything as quality as a spray in truck bed liner.

Drop-In Bed Liners

Drop-In Bed liners are a little different than the truck mat. They simply slide in and cover the entire bed. They are usually made of a strong plastic. These liners are notorious though, for not fitting right and having some wiggle room. That wiggle room leads to rubbing on your actual truck bed and again eventually rust. These liners are not water tight and can trap dirt and dust. As you can probably tell, we strongly recommend a high quality spray-in bed liner.

Drop-In Truck Bed Liner

How To Know Good Quality

Armadillo Spray-In Bed Liner

Lifetime Warranty

Well that's an easy one for us to answer. Armadillo Bed Liners. Not only are they rated as one of the best spray-in bed liners in the U.S. but they come with a lifetime warranty. That means, you pay once and don't worry ever again. That's how serious this product is. Think about all the ways people use and abuse their trucks. Now imagine a bed liner that offers so much quality, it comes with a lifetime warranty. We're not worried that your liner is going to wear out anytime soon.


It's your truck. It's your personality. Make it look the way you want it to look without sacrificing quality. Armadillo Spray-In Bed Liners come in almost any color you could want. If you live in Davenport, Iowa, Bettendorf, Iowa, Moline, Illinois, or Rock Island, Illinois, then don't look any further for high quality truck bed liners. Call us Today


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Don't Settle for Anything Less Than the Best

Spray-In Bed Liner Davenport IA

It's Your Truck

Get exactly what you want, where you want. We can spray way more than just truck beds. This spray on liner obviously increases the durability and lifetime of your truck, but it can also improve the style. We've sprayed everything from brush guards to fender flares. Don't miss out on this chance to create your truck your way. Call today to see what we can do for you, and your vehicle.


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